Lincoln, the Lawyer

By February 2, 2009Commentary

Not much is known about Lincoln as a lawyer. But in fact, he was a busy lawyer. He, with his partners handled at least 5173 cases. He was both a trial and appellate lawyer, though he was probably a better appellate lawyer than a trial lawyer.

In his notes for a Lecture on Law, Lincoln:

1. Discouraged litigation and looked for a peaceful solution to legal problem

2. Fee Retainers: encouraged lawyers to be reasonable and not charge abnormally. But also do charge a retainer, because then you will feel “like you are working for something”

3. Be diligent and faithful. He acknowledged that lawyers have a “vague” reputation of being dishonest.

Above all Lincoln believed in the Rule of Law, that the legal principles that bind us together to form an orderly society. However, the rule of law has to coexist with the rule of equality to create a “liberal democracy which was the realization of a morally right political order”

Now, may be another lawyer from Illinois will merge the rule of law with the rule of equality.

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