Driver's License Fiasco in Texas

By January 15, 2009H1-B, News & Press

Texas, in its bid to heighten security, implemented new rules regarding producing documents when renewing or applying for a new driver’s license since October 01, 2008. The Texas Department of Public Safety rationalized that since Driver’s License is the primary form of ID, they would check out immigration documents before they issued driver’s license. Except they created a list of immigration documents and did not realize that their workers were not hired to think.

The immigration documents should be valid for more than 6 months and should have a picture ID. In practice many immigration documents do NOT have picture ID, some do NOT have an expiry date. Of course, the DPS is not giving driver’s license to any of those people. For instance, if someone’s green card expired, they file I-90 and get a receipt notice. This document gives them valid status, and the right to work and travel. This document does not have a picture on it. Since their “green card” had “expired” the DPS won’t renew their license.

The Texas Civil Rights Project had filed a class action lawsuit against DPS in Austin.

What blows my mind is that DPS has to look after our safety in the roads.The denied individuals will probably also not have insurance. Yet, they have to survive, and therefore drive. They HAVE the right to work, why should they not go to work? But if while they drive illegally, if anyone of them hits you or me, where are our remedies?

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