When the Government Tries to fix things

There is only one fixed law of Governments: When Government tries to fix things it ALWAYS fails. It will therefore fail in the whole bail out mess, no matter who is the President.

So last Friday DOL tried to fix its computer system, which was working OK, it messed things up. Apparently DOL knows about this problem and is trying to fix things. Among the problems we noticed:

1. Sponsorship questions are taking longer to generate
2. The link which employer click on that E mail to verify sponsorship is NOT working
3. When printing the ETA 9089, the job experience data field is empty, although you can view the data. This problem seems to have been fixed
4. Filed cases are getting a C designation (for Chicago) even though all PERM cases are handled by Atlanta and should get a A designation.

Hopefully DOL will not deny cases for failure of employers to reply to the sponsorship e mails, because the glitch is in their computers.

But then, it is the Government at work, so who knows.

See why they need to certify more computer professionals.

On another note: If the Employer has has submitted the registration application and has not heard anything from the DOL for weeks, they should write to:

[email protected]

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