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Today on Thanksgiving I’d like to make a list of the top ten turkey decisions by the Bush created Department of Homeland Security:

10. The decision to raise CIS filing fees: The extra money just goes to waste, and does not create a dent in the economy. Just gets bad press

9. Making the Naturalization test harder: The Republicans are trying hard to become the Populist party, the party of W and Sarah Palin, a Joe the unlicensed Plumber, non thinking people party. A test which is based on concepts rather than rote memorization will only be passed by people who can think. Would those people really vote in populism?

8. Asking the illegal people to surrender themselves to the authorities and go back. Really? What were they thinking

7.Repealing the decision to make illegal people surrender themselves and go back. Now what do you do with the personnel you hired for the project? Not like anyone can loose a Government job. This is not as easy as a Constitutional amendment

6. Decision to raid the Tyson Chicken factory. Now we cant get good chicken, or butterball turkey. There is no one to skin and feather a turkey

5. The decision to make federal contractors sign on to e verify so that employers have to verify new recruits to see whether they have a legal SS number before they start jobs. In case the DHS have not noticed (since no one is loosing jobs at DHS) there is a recession going on and any restrictions placed on work will only further ail the economy. If there are legal people who can do a job, employers would not hire illegal people

4. The Decision to not have anyone bring in a phone that has a camera in any Citizenship and Immigration Office. I have been practicing for 12 years and have yet to see anyone there of whom I’d like to take the pictures. Its not like anyone wants a calendar of pictures of DHS workers

3. The color coded security alarms. Their main purpose is to alarm the population into voting Republican, and we know it did not work. No one understands which color is the most dangerous. Is it purple, or red or indigo?

2. The decision to not allow people to bring in fluids into airplanes. If I can make a bomb out of a bottle of water, a lip gloss and a toothpaste tube, I should be awarded the noble prize. All it does is put in more money in the hands of the airport vendors

1. The decision to have everyone take out their shoes in security check lines in airports. Not only is it humiliating, but dangerous. People can contract foot fungus, and who knows what else. And have they ever found anything dangerous in any shoe ever? The shoe bomber was just a crazy guy who failed.

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Is Work Criminal?

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The Bush Government is solidly anti work when it comes to immigration. Yes, I admit that a worker must have the legal right to work. But employers know this too, and they would not take in immigrants if they found immigrants and United States Citizens ready to work. The anti Immigration forces make a huge deal about how immigrants are into crime, violence, etc. Yet Immigration and Custom Enforcement’s major focus is work place raids to eradicate illegal workers, not illegal criminals. Unless of course working was criminal!

But the same is true for legal workers who are not from this country. Everyday I hear stories from clients about how long the work permits are taking, and how they simply cannot get the CIS to issue them quickly. These workers are forced to quit and in many cases force to go back to their home country. Many of them are in fields like research or IT where there simply is not enough qualified immigrants to do the job.

Even though the economy is bad, we still need skilled workers. Laid off auto workers in Detroit will not be able to perform bio tech research. And if we continue to have this same policy, US will continue to slip behind.

I know that the economy and not immigration is the major focus of the Obama Government. But America as a nation was built by immigrants and will continue to prosper as long as we get hardworking immigrants in.

Just like a plant that has to work harder to survive in unaccustomed earth, human being flourish better if they have to fight in a foreign land with scant help.

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When the Government Tries to fix things

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There is only one fixed law of Governments: When Government tries to fix things it ALWAYS fails. It will therefore fail in the whole bail out mess, no matter who is the President.

So last Friday DOL tried to fix its computer system, which was working OK, it messed things up. Apparently DOL knows about this problem and is trying to fix things. Among the problems we noticed:

1. Sponsorship questions are taking longer to generate
2. The link which employer click on that E mail to verify sponsorship is NOT working
3. When printing the ETA 9089, the job experience data field is empty, although you can view the data. This problem seems to have been fixed
4. Filed cases are getting a C designation (for Chicago) even though all PERM cases are handled by Atlanta and should get a A designation.

Hopefully DOL will not deny cases for failure of employers to reply to the sponsorship e mails, because the glitch is in their computers.

But then, it is the Government at work, so who knows.

See why they need to certify more computer professionals.

On another note: If the Employer has has submitted the registration application and has not heard anything from the DOL for weeks, they should write to:

[email protected]

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My Last Sarah Palin Blog

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Ok, this is my last Sarah Palin blog. I know, you are thinking not again, but you need to understand that Sarah Palin’s exit from the National Life is a calamity for unseasoned comics.

Lets just pretend that Sarah Palin runs for President in 2016, campaigns in towels, (like she did for her campaign staff) and that all heterosexual males just gets mesmerized, and vote for her. Even the 7 year olds. And she becomes The President.

So Newsweek reported that Sarah Palin does not know the difference between Countries and Continents. She could not understand why Africa is a Continent, and that the NAFTA was signed by different countries. So why deal with confusing countries in the Visa Numbers? Just delete the country quota, make it one world. India and China just became current. Yay!

Then, no one in her administration understands the complicated ETA 9089. Lets KISS her and Keep It Simple Stupid.

This is my proposed ETA 9089 Form for 2016.

1. Do you have a job (any job) open?
2. Can you pay for a job, (any job)?
3. Is the alien qualified to do a job (any job)?
4. Is the Alien good looking?
5. Will the Alien have sex without contraception?
6. Do you believe in Guns, Christian God and will you exterminate the Gays?

If thew answer to all the above is yes, then the alien has an interview with the District Office.

There you have a point system.

Great Looking—5 points
Good Looking—-3 points
Fair Looking—-1 point


Price range $ 1000/- and above—5 points
Price range $500/ and above——3 points
Price range $350——————2 Points
Anything below——————Points deducted from your total

Based on the number of points, preference systems will be allocated.

There she solved all the complexities of an employment based immigration.

Ok, no more on Sarah Palin, unless she becomes a senator from Alaska!

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Our First Black President

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I have never been so proud to be an American as today.

During the 80s and 90s, raising kids in a predominantly white neighborhood of Tanglewood, and in River Oaks Baptist School in Houston, we had endured intense discrimination. Kids told my children that their parents told them not to be friends with them because they were not white. The teachers told them they would go to hell because they were not Christians. At River Oaks Baptist School, my daughter and son were placed in remedial classes, simply because they were not whites. The fact that they were Mensa members did not matter to the School. Our neighbors looked at us as though we did not belong there.

Slowly though (or fast if you consider it only 5-7 years) the neighborhood changed. There are more and more ethnic families there. I have an Iranian and Chinese neighbor. I see a lot of South American, Indian and different faces now. I placed my kids in Saint John’s School, where they did not face any discrimination. They have moved on to Yale and Duke and did not let the River Oaks Baptist people brain wash them into thinking they cant.

That is why, I was in tears yesterday not only to see Barak win, but to see him get the votes from all segment of society and win by a huge majority. Only in America can you go from having separate bathroom and drinking fountains for black America to the President in 40 years. I am confident that finally having a President with a high IQ in the white house will improve our country. America has proved that we do not want Joe the unlicensed plumber simply because he was born in the US. We want the licensed experienced plumber, no matter what his race, religion, national origin, ethnicity or sexual orientation is.

As to McCain, we got the old McCain back yesterday during his concession speech. The McCain who could reach out to Ted Kennedy for the McCain-Kennedy Immigration bill, the McCain who would speak the truth no matter what. That McCain had disappeared during the Campaign. Ambition propelled him to appease the Conservative Right Wing base, got him to elect Sarah Palin with no forethought that she would be running the country if he should die, the McCain who unabashedly approved false and defamatory commercials against Barak. Had the republican party ran on issues rather than negative campaign, they would have had a much better fighting chance.

My daughter, a Literature major from Yale, likened McCain’s power grab to that of Macbeth. A good man turned bad from the ambition to become King. Yes, the Republican campaign can be said to be a “tale told by an idiot—full of sound and fury, signifying nothing.” Hopefully the thunder, lighting and rain that has engulfed our country will dissipate as order returns.

And as for Sarah Palin, I do hope that she has menopause before she can pop out another Down Syndrome baby on this earth.

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