The word 'Immigration" in the debate

In all the three debates, the word Immigration was just mentioned once. Last night, Mr. McCain accused of Mr. Obama of misrepresenting McCain’s stance on immigration in the ads. What is McCain’s stand on immigration? I don’t know. Yes, he proposed the McCain Kennedy bill, which was an excellent and fair solution to the problem. But then he went back and said he would be very harsh on illegal immigrants to appease his conservative constituents.

The same is probably true of his views on stem cell research or abortion.

But does the issues that a President holds really matter? If it did, wouldn’t a comprehensive immigration reform plan be already passed? Would the bailout bill take so long to pass? Our legislature is more interested in their own agendas than what is good for the country. In order for a President to sign a bill there has to be a bill, which passes both houses. I don’t think any bill regarding Health Care, Social Security or Immigration is going to pass in any case.

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