Texas Driver's License for Non Immigrants

Beginning October 01, the State of Texas will issue driver’s license or ID cards to non immigrants whose status is valid for more than 6 months. The cards will be marked as temporary visitor. Persons not legally present will not be given driver’s license or ID cards.

A new US citizen must present the Naturalization Certificate

A Permanent Resident must produce their “green card.”

Other temporary persons have to provide Immigration Documents. If such documents do not have an expiry date, like a I-485 receipt notice, Driver’s License will be given at one year increments.

Please check out the DPS web site:


All this is supposed to enhance the security of the State of Texas. But people will still need to drive.

Without driver’s license, I’m sure people will not get insurance as well.

Now if your car gets hit by a car without a driver’s license or insurance, what are your remedies?

Also, police forces may target people “looking like they don’t have driver’s license” and issue tickets, many of which are unwarranted.

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