EAD Card Delays

By October 29, 2008Houston Immigration

You had filed your Adjustment of Status Application (I-485) during the July-August 2007 rush. Now you need to renew your EAD card. It has been 90 days since you filed the I-765. (You can file this form 90 days before it expires). But you have heard nothing from the CIS. What can you do?

By Law the USCIS is supposed to give you the EAD card by 90 days. If 90 days has passed since the receipt of your I-765 notice, the CIS ombudsman advises you do the following:

1. CALL CIS at 1-800-375-5283 and talk to an officer. (Dont leave a message). Tell them its been 90 days and you need an interim card. Please keep records of the date and time of your call and officer number.

2. If you don’t want to call, you can make an infopass appointment and go to your local CIS office. However they do NOT issue interim cards any more. They will inform the Service Center.

If its been a week after you do the above, and you have not heard from the CIS, you can write to the CIS ombudsman with all the details at:

[email protected]

Please use this E mail for only this issue.

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