Please leave this country, Please?

By August 16, 2008Houston Immigration, Visa

The Department of Homeland Security is really out of touch with reality. In a Program called Operations Scheduled Departure, they are asking illegal immigrants who already have their final order of deportation to surrender and depart the United States. It has been started as a pilot program in California, Chicago and Phoenix on August 5. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) is advertising in local media in those places. However, only 6 of thousands of immigrants have departed so far.

Of course ICE is calling this a success. Which means that it will continue to use your tax dollars for this program. Mr Hayes, the Acting Director of Detentions at ICE, said he is disappointed at the lack of support of community based organizations.

Mr Hayes, if illegal immigrants wanted to leave the US, why would they be here illegally in the first place? Like you and us, they have children to feed, many of those children are US Citizens. And unlike “welfare bums” they have to actually work to feed their children.