The Immigrant Experience

By May 18, 2008Commentary

All of us are born into a country which we did not choose. We are brought up in that country. However, when we choose to immigrate into another country, we do so out of our conscious desire. It may be due to economic stability, to be able to feed our families, provide a better life for our family, or to get the fundamental freedom that is not available in our birth country. But we have to love the country of our choosing. If we did not do so, we would not have immigrated.

Yet the perception for a lot of people is that immigrants come to the US, take our social services and give nothing in return. The first white settlers came for the very same reasons, ousted the Native Americans from their land and claimed it as their own. The undocumented aliens in this country are not doing that. They work, yes without authority, but nevertheless provide an important serivice.
Despite successive generations of immigrants/settlers, America has prospered. However, if we closed off our borders in this age of globalization, we would become insular and ultimately loose our prominent place in the world.