CAP and Name Check issues

By April 10, 2008Immigration Policy, Visa

H-1B cap

The CIS issued a preliminary report today that nearly 163000 H-1Bs have been filed for the ordinary cap, and 31200 for Master’s Degree Candidates. The CIS will do the lottery of the Master’s Degree Cap next week. The 11200 advanced Degree Holders not selected by that lottery will be put into the general lottery for the 65,000 people. For more on the OPT extensions, please see BLOG below

FBI-Name Checks

The CIS and FBI have reported that they have already eliminated all name checks pending for more than 4 years ago. Their goal is to eliminate:

For Name Checks pending more than 3 yrs——- May 2008

For Name Checks pending more than 2 yrs——-July 2008

For Name Checks pending more than 1 yr——-November 2008

98% of all Cases ——————————–June 2009

The date for the name check is your receipt date for your 485 or N-400 petitions