Latest on FBI Name Check Issue

By February 7, 2008CIS, News & Press

Good News! According to a memo by Michael Aytes, Associate Director of Domestic Operations at CIS, a case otherwise approvable but which is pending FBI name check for more than 180 days, will be send to production of card. In other words, if your case has been adjudicated and is waiting the FBI name check for more than 180 days, you will receive the green card. If however there is a negative report in the FBI name check later, CIS will issue removal and deportation procedure. The FBI has agreed to complete all name checks within 180 days.

Hopefully this memo, which is not binding, will be followed.

If any of these individuals are indeed dangerous, it is not safe in any case to harbor them for more than 180 days. On the other hand, innocent people will at least have their due process right to a green card.

Hopefully this will be the dawn of a brave new world.