Its the Economy Stupid

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The new year brought with it our hold over from last year, the subprime crisis, the weakening USD, and of course the fear of recession. If the US economy declines however, whether its a recession or not, jobs inside the US vanish. Our manufacturing jobs have already been outsources, so are our IT related jobs. And although immigration remains a hot topic in the primary elections, no immigration related bill has been passed by the US Congress since the Bush presidency. The H-1B numbers are pathetically stuck at 65,000 per year, when last year about 200,000 candidates applied. The lottery kicked out 135,000 H-1B applicants last year. All those jobs got outsourced.

Giving tax rebates may not stimulate the economy if that money is not spent. But making sure that jobs remain in the US, by increasing business immigration visa will. And it won’t cost the government anything. If only politicians thought about the people instead of votes, the world would be a much better place.