US Green Card for Investors

By November 5, 2007Visa

With the value of US Currency down, a lot of foreign investors are finding it cheap to invest $500,000/- in the US. That will lead to a Permanent Residency card under EB-5 Program. The US Citizenship and Immigration Services has made the process easier, because they want immigrant investors. Thus for people who want to invest in the US and has at least $500,000/-, this might be the best option.

However, if the investor has a profitable business in their home country, and want to open a branch office in the US, the L-1A visa is easier to obtain. You need much less amount, even as little as $20,000/- or $10,000/- As long as there is a profit in both countries, and the Company employs US personnel, it is easier to get the Permanent Residency through this route than through the EB-5 programs.