Flip Flop- Bush govt style

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This is the Bush Government, not John Kerry.

On June 13, they announced that every employment based applicants can file for adjustment of status (AOS)

On June 14 they said all applicants needed medical examination to file

On July 02, they said no applicants could file

On July 17 they said every applicant could file

On July 23 they said AOS applications could be filed without medical examination


Sound and Fury Signifying NOTHING

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The DOS announced on June 15, 2007 that all employment based priority dates will become current as of July 1, and that everyone could file their adjustment of status applications. This sent a ray of hope amongst the immigrant community. Since we could not file the adjustment unless the applicants are in the country, many people cut short their vacation to their home country, changed return tickets for very high prices, and raced back to the US. They got their medical done for a lot of money, pictures taken, and applications done. For us, immigration attorneys, we worked every day for at least 10 hours, including Saturday and Sunday. Then on the morning of July 2 (July 1st was a Sunday and no one could file), the DOS announced, in an unprecedented move that it is retracting its position, and made visa unavailable for everybody, no matter what the country of birth, or what the employment based preference is. Visa numbers won’t open up until Oct 1, and by then, the fees for immigration will triple.

Where were all those Govt statisticians, all those think tank employees at DOS when they announced the visa availability. Why does the Govt of a free society think that they can toy with real people, real lives?

I know that Govt employees salaries are indexed to the salary of the chief executive, the President. Does the govt employees brains also have to be indexed to the presidential brains?